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fMRI study on learning and metacognition

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Take part in our fMRI study investigating decision making and get paid £20 - £25 cash!

The total experiment lasts around 2hr 30. Email us at if you are interested in taking part.

About the study

You will complete a number of computerised tasks, which will be explained to you fully before starting. During the tasks, you will be asked to make decisions about abstract shapes, patches with dots, or colours. Some decisions you will make under the prospect of gaining money or losing it, other decisions might simply require you to answer correctly. In addition, you will be asked to complete some questionnaires about your mood, personality and symptoms of mental health problems. The study will take place at the RHUL fMRI scanning centre, CUBIC, and the scan session will take about 1h30m, plus time for questionnaires.

Eligibility Requirements

We are looking for healthy, fluent English speaking, 18-60 year-olds, with no history of head trauma or neurological disorders, or any other physical health condition likely to influence cognitive ability, and who are eligible for fMRI scanning (you will have a telephone screening to check eligibility). To take part, you must have not used cannabis in the past 31 days; have not drank alcohol 24 hours before the study; and must not have used any other recreational drugs in the week prior to your participation

Where can I get more information?

The full fMRI eligibility requirements can be found here:

Download PDF • 159KB

More detailed information can be found on our Participant Information Sheet:

Download PDF • 563KB

To take part:

Please email if you are interested in taking part.

On the day

You will be asked to wear clothes without metal attached and to provide your GP details

Study approved by ethics number 3199.


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